McIntire Saddlery - Leather Car Scent
McIntire Saddlery - Leather Car Scent

McIntire Saddlery - Leather Car Scent

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We love these leather car scents by McIntire Saddlery, just respray with your favorite McIntire Scent when they run low.  I've had mine in my car for a couple of years and still love it, passengers comment on it all the time.


Bath House- Clean, cowboy bath with fancy soap.

*Cattleman- Smells like a clean fresh showered mature man! Little bit of woodsy soap and cologne.

Christmas Cactus- Perfect Christmas smell of cinnamon and mulled cider!

Chuckwagon- Like my uncle’s chuckwagon Peach Cobbler.

Fall Round Up- Coming home to a warm home out of the crisp fall air.

Gunsight - Local favorite blend of Cinnamon, Vanilla and Leather!

*Leather & Lace - Simply Leather & Vanilla!

Maggie Pearl- Sweet Strawberries and cream - Like a farmer's daughter.

Mustang Island- Transport to the Texas coast with this coconut & wild horse scent.

Pioneer Kitchen- Smells like baking warm pumpkin bread on a cozy fall evening!

Prairie Sun- A sunny, crisp and fruity orange blend.

Saddle Shop- Like walking into our saddle shop!

Strawberry Roan- Sweet strawberries in a leather bag!  This scent was once named "Blooming Sage", same smell we just updated the name!

Sugar Pie- Grandma making fresh baked snickerdoodles.

The Gambler - A clean popular men's scent! 

Tumbleweed- Drifting along like a tumbling tumbleweed! Where the Texas plains meet the woody pines in a fresh soft, soothing year round scent that's not really masculine or feminine.  

Western Romance- A floral bouquet with a twist of citrus.

Sweet Feed- Like opening a fresh bag of sweet feed for the horses!  Soft blend of Oats & Molasses.

Palomino- Riding a brown sugar colored Palomino, a little warm and mildly sweet with a hint of leather.

White Lightnin- OHHH White Lightnin' !  Smells like a fruity pineapple drink. Perfect spring and summer scent.

*Leather- Our best selling true clean leather smell! 

*Customer Favorite!